Qualities of a Great Appliance Repair Company

Appliance repair reliability is very important. You don’t want to spend $500 to fix your appliance and have it break down again. If you are searching for appliance repair Albuquerque or appliance repair Santa Fethen partner with Ortega’s Appliance.

Quality Technicians We understand that you have many choices when it comes to appliance repair in Albuquerque and Santa Fe but finding quality technicians is important to getting the job done precisely and promptly. One of the benefits of choosing Ortega’s for appliance repair Albuquerque and Santa Feis our service warranty, as we stand behind our work.
Responsive Service At Ortega’s we put our knowledge to use when it comes to appliance repairs in Albuquerque & Santa Fe. We are in the business of providing responsive service to all of our clients. That is providing you with same day or next day service and providing a time-frame of when a technician will be onsite. We will also call 30 minutes before a specialist arrives to your home.

Washing Machine Repair: Is It Time to Repair Your Washing Machine?

5 Reasons to Call a Refrigerator Repair Specialist

We hear the complaints daily: our refrigerator is not getting cold, our refrigerator doors are not closing properly, or our refrigerator is making noises. If you are experiencing the same frustrations and looking for the best-in-class refrigerator repair in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, then you can trust Ortega’s Appliance. 

Ortega’s Appliance specializes in most of all refrigerator repairs, replacements and installs. Small or large, we have a solution for you. We’re specialized in numerous makes and models and we always stand behind our work. We are very proud of our reputation in the Albuquerque community and want to shield our clients from having to do the dirty work.
5 Reasons to Call Ortega’s Appliance: 24/7 Emergency ServiceWe have a dedicated team ready to assist our customers’ needs and put a plan in action. Our goal is to get your fridge up and running as soon as possible and minimize any down-time experience. Same Day ServiceWe understand how important it is to keep our appliances …

4 Common Dacor Appliance Repair Issues

Dacor has a range of functional kitchen and home appliances. While their technology is meant to last, we’ve found some common repair issues among this brand. At Ortega’s Appliance we are proud to offer some guidance when you are searching Dacor appliance repair in Albuquerque.

Common Dacor Issues Oven bulb stops working: Rule of thumb is to use a good bulb to test the connection. If the light bulb still does not work, try unplugging the unit for a full minute and plugging it back in.Refrigerator not getting cold enough: The evaporator coils cools the refrigerator. If it’s not cold then something might be stuck in the coils. Check to see that nothing is caught by vacuuming or cleaning around the unit. Unplug and plug in the fridge to make sure the fan and compressor is running.Microwave stops working: This is most commonly due to a fuse failure. Access the ceramic fuse inside the cabinet near the power cord. Make sure your microwave is unplugged and use a multi-meter to test the life of …

Oven Safety Tips that you Need to Know

Taking the necessary safety precautions before, during, and after using an oven or stovetop is an effective way to prevent accidental fires and damages to the home or appliance. Ortega’s Appliance Service, which offers the expert service and oven repair Santa Fe and Albuquerque homeowners have trusted for generations, offers helpful advice to keep families and homes safe.

Before Use
Performing an oven safety check can instantly decrease risk factors. Remove all items from inside the oven and position racks prior to pre-heating. Check that there is no grease residue or food particle in the oven or on the stove top. When using a gas stove, smell for potential gas leaks.

Tying back long hair, rolling up long sleeves, removing loose jewelry, and wearing non-slip footwear can help keep the user safe. Installing knob stops, locking straps, and safety guards will also help prevent young ones from harm.

During Use
Monitoring the appliance is absolutely necessary; leaving the oven or stovetop unatt…

Ortega’s Appliance Service: The Doctor for your Appliances

Ortega’s Appliance Service has the cure for your ailing appliances. Since 1975, the appliance repair Santa Fe and Albuquerque homes rely on has been happily provided by Ortega’s expert technicians. Their fast, friendly, and dependable service has come to the aid of hundreds of families experiencing an appliance emergency.

On-Call for House Calls
A malfunctioning appliance is inconvenient no matter when it breaks down. Fortunately, Ortega’s Appliance is ready to deliver the award-winning appliance repair Albuquerque and Santa Fe homes have called in their time of need for over forty years. Schedule an appointment that fits your schedule by phone or online and a helpful representative will quickly get a technician sent to your home.  

A Booster Shot for All Brands
One of the most effective ways to keep an appliance functioning properly for years is through an annual maintenance plan. While repairs are sometimes necessary over the life of the machine, routine service check-ups can help limi…

Signs You Need a Washing Machine Repair

Think about how many times you put your washing machine to use every week. Your washing machine is one of the heavily used appliances in your home and works hard for you and your family in ensuring you have clean clothes to wear every day. 

If your washing machine is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may be time to call a professional. Ortega’s wants you to be able to recognize these signs:
1. The washing machine makes a loud noise. You will recognize this sound right away. If you hear a loud noise and the wash machine is shaking, your washer may be off balance. Open the lid of your wash machine and check that the clothes are dispersed evenly. If the noise still persists try moving the washer so the machine is even on the ground. If you continue to hear noise, the wash machine drum or mount may be failing and need to be repaired by an expert.
2. No water filling the drum. If the wash machine drum is not filling up with water, there are a few causes. The first thing to check wo…